Every salesman eventually meets a buyer from hell...

Barry Frampton sells houses while struggling to keep his own home together. He’s a hustler-with-a-heart who relies on a smile, a shoeshine and a quick tongue to survive. His estate agent skills help him to play the happy game and eat shit with a smile. Despite being black in a mostly white world. 

And so, he sifts through clients for his next commission. Council flat strugglers and bleary-eyed shift-workers clawing their way onto the property ladder. On the rungs above them the Range Rover couples; Gucci hipsters; the odd celeb…

And money-launderers. The ones that Barry always turned down, resisting temptation. Until he met Mona…



Georgina Ruffhead

David Higham Associates


Project status

Pilot script and series synopsis written.

Seeking a producer / development funding.